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Mr. Brian Hale

Principal (Board)

Mrs. Vicki Schweiss

Vice-Principal (Board)

Mrs. Andrea Hale

Co-Coordinator (Board)

Mrs. Terri Hayter

Co-Coordinator (Board)


Mr. Scot Hayter


Mrs. Krystal Rose


Mrs. Catherine Honkomp (Board)

Toddlers (2-3 year olds)

Mrs. Terri Hayter (Board)

Pre-K and K (4-6 year olds)

Mrs. Becky Reis

Anatomy & Physiology (1st-2nd) 

Mrs. Andrea Hale (Board)

Anatomy & Physiology (3rd-4th)
General Science (Jr. High)
Health & Nutrition (High School)
Bible (5th-6th)

Mrs. Tina Lock

Anatomy & Physiology (5th-6th)

Mr. Deni Reis

Bible (1st - 2nd)

Mrs. Ada McKay

Bible (Jr. High)

Mrs. Karen Carr

Bible (High School)

Mrs. Meagan Gamblin

Art Teacher (1st - 6th)
Bible (3rd-4th)

Mrs. Amy Scott

Art Teacher (1st - 6th)

Mr. Tracey Honkomp (Board)

Writing Foundations

Mrs. Ashleigh Hensch

Creative Writing

Mr. Kyle Pate

Physical Education

Dr. Ellen Hartsburg 

Physical Education

Getting Started

Our Mission Statement

To provide educational, character-building, and social activities that honor God and enhance our homeschooling experience.